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This is a fully assembled airtight 3D printed N95/KN95 mask, and one (1) filter that has a 40 hour (actual total usage) lifespan, which can be used against the COVID-19 virus.

We are providing these masks not only for hospitals and healthcare professionals, but are dedicated to providing them for the general public as well (adults and child sizes available).

For some, it is difficult to be entirely reassured about the effectiveness of the 3D printed mask alone, however our solution is effective when assembled properly to function as a true PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) instrument.

Our masks have been assembled to provide you with airtight protection against airborne particulates and/or pathogens.

Coupled with an airtight seal material, adjustable head-straps, and a certified filter (with a 40 hour lifespan), our masks can be sanitized and reused over and over.

All you have to do is:

  • remove the filter,
  • sanitize or wipe down the mask,
  • change or replace the filter, and 
  • the mask is ready to be re-worn when you are ready

Here is a video on how you prepare and wear your mask:

You will never have to purchase another mask again!

Of course, there is a lot of talk about the N95/KN95 mask at the moment. Our mask assembly is designed to provide respiratory protection for its wearer, with a filtration efficiency level of up to 95% against particles present in the air. It would therefore allow for the reduction of the risks of contamination in the current context, and it is more effective than disposable masks (which continue to be short in supply). 

It should be noted that other 3D printed masks, although similar, have no special assembly such as ours, and are likely to be less effective than our designed mask assembly. But in the face of emergency, these are all viable alternatives.

Our masks are antiviral, reusable, modular, washable, recyclable, and affordable. A traditional mask must be thrown away after some time (about 8 hours according verified sources). 

This mask will not need to be disposed of, and can be used, stored, and then used again continuously provided they are not broken by the user.

Also, our filters last longer than five (5) times the lifespan of the common traditional mask.

*Disclaimer: Due to CC Licensing terms, this mask is provided free of charge with the purchase of the mask assembly package mentioned in the description above, labor and materials. With your purchase you will received a free 3D printed mask, in your choice of color, fully assembled and ready for wear, with an airtight seal assembly and a forty (40) hour filter. 

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N95/KN95 Mask (Assembly)

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